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CPR-AED Workshop

Chris Farmer, Richard Goodwin, Tar Beaty, Dan Zweig, and Shelly Fine do it to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”, which provides the necessary 110 beats — and chest compressions —  per minute.

Upper West Side CERT’s team meeting this past Monday was an especially productive one, thanks to the capable instruction of the New York Fire Department’s EMT David Weissman and EMT Mike Koenke, who brought the group up to speed on administering CPR/AED.

It’s easy to lose acuity in these important skills when you’re not using them every day. That’s why we try to practice whenever we can with table-tops and hands-on drills. Along with reinforcing what we already know, we invariably end up learning a few new things, as well.

Here’s one: Did you know that, in Oregon, high school students need to acquire CPR certification to graduate? We think it should be like that in the other forty-nine!

EMT Weissman gave an excellent overview of CPR technique for the public, which no longer requires the mouth-to-mouth component, ran through emergency scenarios and explained the new guidelines, and demonstrated the AED machine. Then we hit the floor and put it all into action.

If your school, church, or civic organization would like to learn how to administer emergency CPR/AED, contact us through this website.

See more photos from this session on Flickr.


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