Upper West Side CERT

Disaster Simulation at Penn Station for FDNY, USMC, and CERT Volunteers

NYC CERT volunteers provided the necessary realism for a simulated disaster in Penn Station, in New York City, on the evening of September 23, part of a training exercise for FDNY and USMC (U.S. Marine Corps) personnel. The scenario was a dirty bomb explosion on one of the trains, resulting in numerous casualties.

Moulage being applied

OEM moulage artists turn their CERT volunteers into disaster victims.

The photos in the slide below show the “moulage” process that turned the group of CERT actors into dead and injured passengers, who were then staged throughout the train and the station platform. FDNY and USMC personnel arrived in full protective gear, assessed and evacuated the scene, triaged and decontaminated the “victims” on the street outside the station, and removed the injured to waiting ambulances.

The exercise was coordinated by the NYC Office of Emergency Management.

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