Upper West Side CERT

CERT “Victims” Bring Realistic Touch to Queens Disaster Drill

It looked like a scene from Night of the Living Dead, but these mangled bodies, gruesome though they looked wandering around in shock or sprawled in the middle of a busy Queens intersection this past Sunday, were very much alive.

Moulaged "victims"

Moulaged “victims” wait in the disaster staging area. Three members from Upper West Side CERT participated in the exercise: Nan Canter, Janet Webster, and Renee Serlin.

They were volunteers, drawn from Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) around the city by the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM), for a large-scale terror response drill. Trained and moulaged to look like injured victims, they represented various states of casualty — ranging from a few cuts and bruises to dead.

The exercise, NYC Resilience Part I, is designed to prepare first responders — NYPD, FDNY, and EMT — and the CERT teams that support them for simultaneous disasters in an urban environment, in this case a car bomb explosion on a busy city street with a second explosion near the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

Next Sunday, NYC Resilience Part II, which will consist of an indoor exercise called Family Assistance Center (FAC), will focus on providing support services for disaster victims. UWS CERT members are encouraged to participate; large numbers of volunteers are needed and the exercises count toward re-credentialing.

To participate in NYC Resilience Part II: Contact Jill Samonte JSamonte@oem.nyc.gov.

NY1 News covered the story. Watch the video.

The “victims” prepare for their performance.

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