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Preparedness News : Weekend Roundup 2013-09-23

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Next-Generation 911: What You Need to Know (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/wj9qn

How a Washington County Adapted to the Statewide 911 Outage (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/wj9Yh

NRC Rejects Petition to Extend Emergency Zones Around Nuke Plants (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/wja5k

Fort Hood Shooting Focuses Attention on Military Mental Health (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/wjaaJ

Next Time, Libraries Could Be Our Shelters From the Storm  (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/pykdQ

Shelter From the Storms (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/qfHjp

How Clean Energy Kept the Lights On During Hurricane Sandy (The Pew Charitable Trusts) http://ow.ly/qn8iq

Why Is Crisis Mapping So Popular? (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/qIePJ

The Evolution of Citizen Journalism in Emergency Management (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/qIf0G

Tuberculosis Outbreaks Spark New Worries (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/qIfkx

George Mason Rolls Out App for Emergency Scenarios on Campus (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/qIfyk

Beyond Debriefing: How to Address Responders’ Emotional Health (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/qWNcQ

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