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Preparedness News : Weekend Roundup 2013-02-03

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Hurricane Sandy Alters Utilities’ Calculus on Upgrades (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/grYXQ

Experts Offer Cuomo Recommendations on Disaster Preparedness (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hnaRF

Public Health Readiness Plagued by Budget Cuts, Report Says (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/hnaWx

Download Emergency Management’s “Cyber and Physical Security Special Report” (PDF)  http://ow.ly/hnbgf (Must register on the site to access report.)

Amazon Web Mapping Tool Aids Sandy Relief Efforts (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/hnbnh

Are Schools Critical Infrastructure in Need of Protection from Active Shooters? (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/hnbwB

911 Failure in Storm Was Preventable, F.C.C. Says (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hndX0

Hurricane Brings More Worry to Neighbors of Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hne3H

The Doomsday Preppers of New York (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hnkkv

Homes in Flood Zone Double in New FEMA Map (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hnkHW

Flood Zone Is Right for Canarsie, Residents Say (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/hnVw6

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