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Preparedness News : Weekend Roundup 2012-11-25

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At the last meeting of UWSCERT, there was a team debriefing to report on and learn from the members’ activities in response to Hurricane Sandy and share our findings with NYC OEM. CERT teams citywide continue to be involved in the relief effort.

Inevitably, when we talk about how preparedness teams like ours should plan for a future in which major weather events will occur with greater frequency, the subject of rising sea levels… comes up. The two NYTimes articles below address the issue.

John Rojas, an EMT and fellow team member who frequently leads table-top exercises for our team, had this to say:

“…we see that this will be a recurring issue. States and local governments have to follow the FEMA guidelines to remediate and prepare for future events, and start to monitor how the coast is developed and who would be allowed to rebuild there, using specific guidelines (more stringent building codes) that must be followed. In my opinion most of this area should be reclaimed and only used for recreational purposes reducing the coats to life and property.”

And now for our Roundup:

The Preparedness Message Isn’t Reaching the Public (Emergency Management) http://ow.ly/ft9iC

FDA Reconsiders Classification of AEDs (JEMS.com) http://ow.ly/ftyhV

Follow These Guidelines for Effective EMS Training (JEMS.com) http://ow.ly/ftyG7

Is This the End? (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/fyxgA

Rising Seas, Vanishing Coastlines (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/fyxBh

Editor’s note: Thanks to Ian Alterman for curating most of the NYTimes articles we share in this column.

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