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Preparedness News : Weekend Roundup 2012-02-05

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A fisherman rescuing a dog demonstrates how news is made today (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8xaX6

New Satellite Technology a Possible ‘Game Changer’ for Communications (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8xbbP

A Culture of Planning: How to Know if the Shoe Fits (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8xbgN

Global Economy at Risk From Disasters (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8xblB

The Whole Community Approach (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8xbM4

9-1-1 Dispatchers Can Save More Lives by Coaching Bystanders in CPR (9-1-1 Magazine) http://ow.ly/8zJYO

Inventions Offer Tools to Endure Future Disasters (NYTimes.com) http://ow.ly/8GIPb

Most and least disaster-ready cities (MSN Money) http://ow.ly/8GITy

2011’s Weather Is a Precursor of Things to Come, says NOAA Assistant Administrator (Emergency Management Magazine) http://ow.ly/8Ns6D

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