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Disaster Readiness in Schools a Growing Concern

child.bus.189x283You have to wonder what has taken us so long. From the massacres at Columbine (1999) and Virginia Tech (2007) to the most recent tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT, just days before the 2012 Christmas holidays were to begin, it has been obvious that our children are far too vulnerable in the very structures that should provide them safe haven. While these three tragedies and too many others involved crazed gunmen, unstable people with guns are just the beginning.

What about fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters? Had the seven boys and girls who died in the Moore, OK, tornado this past summer been underground when the twister struck, it is possible they would be alive today.

We could be doing a lot more. Fortunately, the subject is getting a lot of attention in the media, but it will fade with the next news cycle if parents, school administrators, public officials, and preparedness groups don’t make it a national priority. We must continue to push for measures that protect our most vulnerable citizens, our children.


Study: Most States Lack Disaster Plans for Children ( @jemsconnect ) http://ow.ly/oVfC4

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Schools not ready for disasters – Ed reform groups call for release of delayed teacher prep regs – College enrollment drops – Does Algebra II do any good? (POLITICO Morning Education – POLITICO.com) http://ow.ly/oX0yo

Half of states lack disaster plans for schools, day care (USA Today) http://ow.ly/oX0Kb

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