Upper West Side CERT

Rescue Bag 101

At last night’s Upper West Side CERT bi-monthly meeting, the team reviewed three key emergency procedures: activating the team phone tree, performing CPR, and using the regulation CERT rescue bag.

Rescue bag and hard hatThis post is about the rescue bag.

As we reviewed the rescue bag contents and their proper utilization in an emergency or disaster situation, it became apparent that certain personal safety items should also be included in the bag. The team member’s family contact information, a team radio, bottled water, and an extra phone battery are examples. Items like prescription medications and extra eyeglasses should also be added if needed.

The UWS CERT team is now developing a list of recommended personal safety items for the rescue bag, and using this Web site’s Are You Ready? page, which lists recommended items for the Go Bag, as a resource.

Bearing in mind that a rescue bag should not be so heavy as to hinder the CERT team member in his or her work, can you suggest Go Bag items that should be included in every rescue bag? Is there anything you don’t see mentioned that should be?

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. The team will review them at the next meeting and recommend those it deems appropriate.

Do you know the difference between a Rescue Bag and a Go Bag? 

Your green Rescue Bag with the CERT logo is what you will grab when you are deployed to assist first responders in an emergency or disaster situation. It contains items that will enable you to aid in the emergency or disaster mitigation effort. As discussed above, the rescue bag should also contain certain personal safety items.

Your Go Bag is for your personal use. It can be any size, color, or material, as long as it contains what you and your loved ones need to survive until help arrives. This list will help you to stock a proper Go Bag. Visit ourĀ  CERT Links page to find out where you can buy the items you need.

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